Link Building for SEO

One of the main focuses of organic search engine optimization (SEO) is to prove yourself worthy of Google’s reference criteria. The first step in doing that is through proper content marketing and updating your online presence often with what your audience is searching for. With notable content comes trusted link building of valued information. This is where backlinks play a crucial role in your SEO strategy. Links help you stand out to Google as a quality resource. Websites with consistent content updates and backlinks tend to rank higher in the search engines.

That being said, it doesn’t come easy and simply “buying” your way in isn’t always the solution. In fact, you should never pay for links as it violates Google’s terms of service. Google wants to see reliable and active links that have proven commendable over time. Sharing trusted links on your site and getting your site listed on others is a must to accommodate Google’s algorithms. We aren’t just talking about slapping your URL on every directory out there or getting the occasional mention on a friend’s blog. While those actions can certainly be beneficial to an extent there’s more to it.

“Beyond algorithmic benefits, backlinks serve functional purposes for your website:”

  • Provides referral traffic
  • Indexes orphaned or isolated pages
  • Contributes on-page value to readers
  • Serves as a citation for research
  • Builds relationships within your existing industry

When considering what site to reference, or be referenced on, consider the domain authority. Is it a feasible source? Is it pertinent to your industry? Does it get regular visitors with a mature ratio of return vs new? Choose your backlinks wisely as they will have a direct link with your own source. “In terms of link building, the number of unique referring domains is generally more important from an algorithm standpoint, then the sheer number of backlinks pointing to your site. But both are valuable to consider when analyzing links.”

Check for broken links. Over time, and with proper content marketing, you will naturally build your backlinks. But, with time those links can become broken. Links go bad, get redirected or remised over time. Having a broken link connected with your site can weaken your rankings. Find the broken outbound link(s) and replace them with quality, relevant content.

There are many steps and options for building your organic rankings through strong content and becoming a source worth referencing. Determining what makes sense for your marketing goals will help guide you down the right path. Don’t dive into every trend that pops up unless you’ve done the proper research and understand how it will benefit your SEO.

What are the basics to increase your link building potential?

  • Create quality content that supports your industry and brand.
  • Pay attention to the content you are producing to ensure it naturally encourages searchers to reference what you are sharing.
  • Ensure your content has the proper SEO settings to increase awareness.
  • Share that content on online platforms that support your marketing needs.
  • Put your content out there in front of the eyes that matter: popular sites and blogs, large social followings, and industry influencers.
  • Utilize your connections. Ask friends and associates who have a strong web presence to link to your site and share your content where it makes sense.
“Remember this little formula: ‘Great Content + Targeted Outreach + Added Value = Links’”


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