Evergreen Content

Creating content can do wonders for your brand, but not if it goes unseen. A staggering 90% of the content in existence today has been created within the last two years, yet 91% of content gets no traffic from Google, said John Shehata, vice president of audience development strategy for Conde Nast, at SMX East in New York.

Investing in new content isn’t always the right choice for better content marketing. Sometimes, brands are better served by leveraging assets they already have or putting a fresh spin on an existing topic.

It’s getting harder and harder to create new, original content. With thousands of new blogs and articles posting every day, it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s your content or not, there’s bound to similar content already created or in the making. The key is to create “evergreen” content. Content that is keyword strong, informative, and useful to your target audience.

If you create content that proves relevant over time, don’t try to recreate it. Continue to optimize that content with updated resources, facts, and graphics.

  1. Assess your existing content.
  2.  Research the results page.
  3. Evaluate competing content.
  4. Optimize on-page content.
  5. Time to publish.

Take a deeper look at the steps to refreshing evergreen content. 


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