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Why An SEO Primed Website Will Help You Score!


In the last few posts, we talked about starting a blog, and the WordPress content management system, but honestly, it’s putting the cart before the horse: Without a website, and without proper SEO (search engine optimization), all of this is for naught.


Having a website should be an integral part of your overall business plan, when it comes to selling your product/service, and/or raising brand awareness. While your brick and mortar store is open several hours a day, your online presence is 24/7 -365. Print ads, and commercials, only run for finite period of time; While your sleeping, your website is still working for you; It’s convenient for you and your customers. Websites make it easier for people to choose you, over businesses w/out.

Some people believe that having a few social media sites (Facebook, twitter, various blogging sites, etc.): Those people are wrong. Derek Halpern of fame, points out in this interview with’s Bryan Elliott, the very real dangers of doing that. Simply put, you want use your social media as way to drive traffic to your website, to your content, to your product. Not the other way around.


SEO stands for search engine optimization; it is a framework of rules, that allows your website to be seen by more, relevant visitors. This process accomplishes this by making your websites easier to find in search engines like Google, Youtube, Bing!, and more.

It can be as simple as using the right key-words, to website html coding, or implementing the correct strategy..

Here’s a fact:

“Search provides the highest quality leads. According to research by HubSpot, “SEO leads have a 15% close rate, on par with the close rate for direct traffic, and ahead of referrals (9%), paid search (7%), social media (4%), and outbound leads (2%).”(Marketing Charts)

That means SEO gives you the best chance to get more business.

If you believe in the work you do, or the product you put forth, why should people have to settle for the competition, simply because they can’t find you online?



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