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How to Show Up on Google’s Travel Guide

First off, what is Google’s Travel Guide? In Google’s own words…..

“Research places to visit and things to do with destination travel guides. Access travel tools that help you learn about your destination and keep track of all the details.

To find travel guides, type a country or city name into Google Search, and look for the Travel guide icon  on the right hand panel or within the search results. You can also look for the Travel guide link within your search results. Get a snapshot of the top activities for the location you entered, along with a preview of flight and hotel prices, and a link to a location-specific travel guide.

Travel guides provide a brief overview of the destination, including potential trip prices. Click on the flights  or hotels  icons to explore prices in depth. You can also explore prices and book flights and hotels using Google Flights and Google’s hotel finder and booking tool.”

If you are more than familiar and want to know how to show up on Google’s travel guide then you need to put some elbow grease into it. It’s not the easiest process but, like most of today’s marketing and SEO techniques, it pays off to put what you’ve got out there. If your location is worth being represented on the travel guide then you need to provide the media and content to back it.

From overviews, things to do, day plans, videos, articles and more. Google tries to pull as much info as possible to provide its users with valuable insight. For more tips, take a look at So You Want to Appear in Google’s Local Travel Guide?

If you want help setting up a Google profile and creating a strategy for utilizing the tools at hand, contact us, we can help!


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