Avoid the Annoyance Factor on Social Media

Are you having a hard time gaining followers, and actually losing some, on your social media pages? You may be falling into the annoyance category, and you need to get out of the slump. The key to any social media is to build relationships and engagement. You want people to talk to you and about you, spreading the news by “word of mouth.” Sharing, like, commenting….if you aren’t getting this action then consider what may be turning them away.

Is the recurring theme on your profiles….”me, me, me”? That could be the problem. Brands should be focusing on the message they want to send to their users, following the trends and taking an active part in communicating with their followers; not continual self-promotion day after day. Followers want to be informed, they want to see what’s relevant, they want to engage.

In fact, 46% of users say they’ll unfollow a brand if there’s too many promotional messages. Additionally, 41% of users say they’d unfollow a brand that shared too much irrelevant content. 25% of people started following you so they could have a two-way dialogue with your brand. People want to interact with your brand.”

With Facebook’s new algorithms, they are focusing on what the followers want, not what you want them to see. Providing a dependable source of information that peeks their interests and keeps them coming back. “An important thing to keep in mind is that these updates mean that now, more than ever, an emphasis needs to be placed on creating high-quality, educational and useful content that your audience will find informative and thought-provoking. Brands and individuals who share low-quality content will have less engagement, which will significantly decrease the likelihood of their updates showing up on feeds and in search results”

actions that make people unfollow a brand on social media

Simple actions to consider in your social media marketing strategy.


Be a resource. Show your knowledge of the “industry.” Share news, did you know facts, noteworthy items that back your case as a trusted resource. It’s tiring hearing “me, me, me” all the time. Look what I can do!…..we get it, you’re great! Now give us some interesting stories or facts to back what you’re representing. Give your viewers a reason to return or check in every day. Create a hub of useful posts and links that we don’t want to miss and quickly dismiss among the daily (overwhelming) amount of news feed, refreshing every second.

You need to create conversations to gain activity. Ask questions, provide tips to encourage feedback, create interactive posts to boost comments, likes, and shares. Sure, you may be posting every day but are you actually reaching anyone? Do they entice any follow through from your viewers? The more engagement your posts receives, the more you expand your audience reach.

Think: 70/20/10 Rule

“To me, 70% (or 7 out of 10 posts) should be informative posts — and most of those should be your own blog posts, podcasts, images, etc. They should not be salesy in nature. You’re “pulling” not “pushing” remember.

Then 20% of your posts should be shares of other people’s posts, blogs, images or videos.

Then the remaining 10% of your posts can be promotional. You’ve earned it at this point, so feel free to make the sales pitch.”



Taking the Right Steps for your Social Media Marketing


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