Taking the Right Steps for Your Social Media Marketing

Create a marketing plan with clear goals of how to reach your target audience. Know what you want to focus on and appropriate actions to get there. If you start without a plan of action you’ll forever be struggling to find the right path.

Understand what social media platform(s) make the most sense for you. Not every social media avenue is going to compliment your marketing goals. Research where your audience is active and maximize the right social profiles.

Make the most of your online marketing efforts by ensuring your profiles are complete, updated, and consistently reaching their full potential. Fill in all the details so new and existing customers have the info they need at their fingertips. Keep your followers in the loop and actively engaged by providing updates at a rate that encourages the right interaction throughout each week.  Once you find the pattern that works, stay consistent and monitor insights. All social media is continually changing and improving how we communicate with our followers, if you don’t follow those trends you’ll quickly fall behind in your marketing reach.

Don’t just make it about me, me, me. We get it, you love your brand and that certainly should be at the top of your marketing purpose. But, even your biggest fans can only hear so much about what you have to offer. You want to become a general source, a go-to of items both about your product or services as well as relatable items in the industry. News, updates, did you knows, daily life, personal touches….all provide relatable material that will continue to draw the attention of existing and potential followers and keep them coming back. Share your overall knowledge and see what response you get to really make a connection with your target audience.

Know when to quit or change it up. Recognize if there’s a social platform (that you’ve put an honest effort into) isn’t working. Yes, it can be hard to “quit” something that you’ve put hard work into. However, it can quickly damage your marketing efforts if you are putting energy into something that isn’t providing a return in your investment. On the same note, don’t ruin a potentially good thing. You might have found the right social media but it can go downhill fast. Don’t continue down the same path of sharing the same type of posts and news if your followers aren’t engaging. Monitor insights and get a better understanding of what your audience likes and doesn’t. Change it up, experiment and continue to track your marketing efforts to stay on top of the game.


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