LinkedIn: Connecting Business Professionals

LinkedIn is the leading social platform for connecting business professionals. If Business to Business Marketing (B2B) is a priority, then you should be capitalizing in proper LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn has been making significant improvements over the years to enhance the user experience, for both personal profiles and business, and continues to grow in numbers because of it.

“Members are engaging with all forms of content on LinkedIn at record rates, and that engagement is accelerating. Consider that mobile LinkedIn sessions are growing 57% year over year! While the professionals you want to reach might spend time on an array of social media channels, you need to catch them at the right time, when they’re in market and in the right mindset to engage and possible purchase. That’s what sets LinkedIn apart. It’s where the professionals you want to connect with are ready to engage with brands like yours. And it’s where your brand stands out against a backdrop of stand-up brands. LinkedIn is where you can foster a community and move prospect and customer relationships forward. It’s also the platform you can use to generate the results that matter, everything from driving awareness to driving business growth. In fact, 45% of all social media traffic to a company’s homepage comes from LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn connecting business professionals

How can you build your LinkedIn community? By creating awareness, reaching your audience, building your connections and engaging in lead generating activity. In the words of LinkedIn marketers themselves, “Sounds easy, right? Think again.” It takes time and effort to effectively execute any social media marketing but when done right, it pays off.

You can dig deeper on How to Rock Your Brand’s Social Media Presence on LinkedIn here. Or you can ask for help! Give us a call and we’ll discuss how to you on the right track.


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