Facebook Will No Longer Be Rejecting Ads with More Than 20% Text

Ads with More Than 20% TextUp until a few weeks ago, ads would be rejected if the image exceeded 20% text. But, what was once a rule, is now just a guideline. As Jon Loomer reported:
“Your ads will no longer be rejected for having too much text. However, the more text in your image, you can expect less distribution and higher costs.”

There’s no telling why Facebook softened their stance on this issue, as the 20% rule was put in place for a very good reason: Facebook is mindful of the aesthetic of having ads appear on its network and wants to ensure the highest quality and best experience possible for its users.

What we do know is that Facebook users prefer ads with less text. So, while Facebook will be allowing ads to have more text, it doesn’t precisely mean that you should.

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