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Make the most of your LinkedIn page and expand your reach by engaging your employees. LinkedIn is all about utilizing your professional connections and employee advocacy. They provide adequate opportunity for you to share your news and spread the word through your following and your employee base.

A useful feature you may have missed is the “Notify employees of this post” option.

As a LinkedIn Page admin, let your employees know when you’ve posted an important update on your organization’s Page. Employees are members who’ve listed your organization’s Page in the Work Experience portion of their profile.

In order to protect our member community, an admin can notify employees about a once every seven days. Employees will be notified via desktop and mobile that your organization has shared a post with them through their notification updates. Employees can opt out of these notifications at any time which may impact your update analytics.

When an employee clicks on the post preview, they’re taken to the update where they can react, comment, or re-share.

To notify your employees:

  1. Post an update on your Page.
  2. Click the … More icon on the correct update.
  3. Select “Notify employees of post”.


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