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Content Readability For SEO

To branch off of last weeks blog, Invest in Content Marketing, we are taking a deeper look at ensuring content readability for SEO.

Why is content readability important? Because you want people to be able to read and understand your content to find what they want and because search engines scan content just like humans do.

As Yoast SEO stated, “There used to be a time when stuffing keywords in your copy would work: if you’d just mention your keywords enough times in your text, Google would rank it high for those keywords. Those times are long gone.

Fortunately, Google got much better at recognizing quality content. For instance, after the Hummingbird update, Google started recognizing synonyms. It also understands which words, entities, and content are related to each other. In addition to that, search engines became better at predicting what people want to read: from the keywords in your query they can make an estimated guess on your search intent. You can learn how to semantically link entities to your content.

Overall, the algorithm of Google is trying to mimic a human. It tries to read text like a human being. As Google becomes more capable of understanding and scanning texts in a human-like way, the demands on the readability of text also rise.”

We shared the following blog that pointed out the voice search integration, pulling in more focus on content readability as well.

voice search



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