Create Ad Strategies For Each Buying Stage

Don’t create your own missed opportunities by focusing on one promotion or marketing tactic at a time. Consider all of your customers, from first timers to the return visitors, and their purpose for opening your ENewsletter, clicking on your Facebook ad or following through with the pop-up coupon that you’ve put time and effort into. It’s not fair to flash a 50% off coupon for “first-time buyers only” in the face of a repeat customer who’s ready to buy again but doesn’t have an offer presented to them. It doesn’t make sense to create an ad geared toward customers who are already familiar with your brand and miss connecting with a potential customer who needs encouragement before they purchase. Whatever your current campaign purpose, create promotions for all stages of your customer’s interest and needs.

What customer stages to consider for your ad campaigns.

First Time Viewer

What are they looking for: They want to get to know you. They are trying to find the right product for their needs. They want to feel secure and confident in their decision.

What kind of ad or promotion to create: Create an awareness campaign. Let them know who you are and what you do. Showcase your products and highlight features that will make you stand out. Encourage follow through with a one-time offer. Offer a discount that is hard to pass up. Remind them of that discount on a consistent basis without being annoying and turning them away. Be willing to offer a more significant discount than usual to gain a customer.

One Time Buyer

What are they looking for: They are looking for a reason to purchase from you again. They need to see something special that is exactly what they are looking for. It may not be something they “need”, but it’s something they’ve been wanting. They need to see details that will get them excited and eager to know more about what you are presenting.

What kind of ad or promotion to create: Create a review based campaign. Show supporting facts and testimonials of your products. Share case studies and reviews from actual users to highlight exactly what they’ve been missing out on. How can this product fulfill a need they didn’t realize they had? Your ads should create a sense of urgency. This is more of an impulse buy. They already know your brand and can trust it from their previous purchase. The offer should be enticing enough for them to feel they would be missing out.

Repeat Customer:

What are they looking for: A reason to empower their desire to make another purchase. They’ve purchased before, they like your products, they have a wish list but they aren’t sure if they should follow through. They need to be rewarded for their loyalty and feel deserving of another purchase.

What kind of ad or promotion to create: Create a “we appreciate you” campaign. Show your gratitude. Show them how special and appreciated they are for their loyalty. Acknowledge their purchase history by creating custom ads based on their preferences. Offer them continued perks and discounts that reward them and encourage them to keep coming back. Keep it simple, they already know your brand, they just need something special to make them stay.


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