Giving Back

How We Help

Web Strategies maintains a strong philanthropic principle and gives back to the community whenever possible. Our core focus is to support animal welfare organizations. We regularly support the following organization(s), giving back with our money and time whenever we can. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating potential dog owners on dog selection and care and supporting the efforts of rescue groups. We believe that by assisting with good dog-owner matches, we’ll give each family the best opportunity for a life-long relationship with their new dog and help to keep dogs out of shelters.


We also support:

Our Mission:, Inc. is dedicated to educating potential dog owners about dog selection and care and providing support to dog rescue organizations. Our goal is to increase the number of successful dog adoptions and decrease the number of dogs in shelters.


Our Position:

  • Education is the key to responsible pet ownership.
  • Public support is critical to the success of animal rescue organizations.
  • Pets are a life-long commitment and should be considered a member of the family.

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