How Social Media Can Give Your SEO a Competitive Edge

Generally speaking, the competition for high search engine visibility is fiercer than ever. With over 571 new sites being made every minute, overlooked tactics like social media SEO can give you a competitive edge.

On the whole, social signals/links don’t have a direct impact on the search engine rank of a website. They’re easy to manipulate, which is why search engines don’t give them a lot of importance. Yet, social media benefits search engine rank in unexpected ways.

Specifically, social media works for your SEO in the following ways:

  • Web pages that gain social traction are indexed faster in search engines. The catch is that audience sharing the content must be active and earned–not bought.
  • The likelihood of other websites linking to your content increases when it gets shared and promoted on social media. Links are a major driver for search engine rank!
  • A strong presence on social media could boost brand awareness and positive reputation. The more popular your website, the more it will be searched for.

Point in fact, social media seo interaction certainly influences search engine visibility. But, it requires more than just creating a social media profile. Here are 4 tips to help you benefit from social media SEO.

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