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Last month, YouTube became recognized as the world’s second largest search engine (right behind something that rhymes with ‘schmoogle’). In less than 10 years, YouTube has reached, and surpassed milestones that in the early days of the internet, were the stuff of theory and conjecture. Not bad for 3 former paypal employees.

But let us for a moment agree that this success makes sense; This is in no way discounting all the countless hours the founders and their employees have put into this global juggernaut, but they tapped into something we learned in grade school: Some people are visual learners. Some of us, need to see something to understand it. So 2nd largest search engine, makes sense.

But, have you ever thought about what YouTube really is? Looking past the funny videos, it is very much a window into our society and what we value. So to that end, youtube is much more than a search engine: it is the place where search and social collide.

We know that your online presence isn’t confined to your website: it must extend throughout social media, and with each new post, social interaction, comment, like, or retweet, it ripples through the internet and the search engines, like a stone hurled into a pond…At least, that’s what we’re hoping for. For many businesses, their rock falls short of the water; In order to have a chance at this, you need to implement SEO tactics to ensure that you’re being seen out there, and that your visibility is creating a positive impact for your business.

Now, are you ready to dive in?

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