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Finding the Right SEO Consultant | Web StrategiesSEO can provide companies with tremendous ROI, especially when it’s done right and with good intentions. The problem is that there is no governing body to regulate those who call themselves SEO experts or list SEO consulting as a service.

We’ve attended countless webinars and presentations, listening to speakers talk about SEO. While many SEOs are helpful and informed, there are still those whose views are completely wrong, outdated, or cover the bare minimum, in which case nobody really learns anything.


It pains me, because people have begun to associate SEOs with car salesmen and their slimy tactics. Website owners aren’t experts in SEO, so they understandably have a hard time finding the real SEO experts. So how can you tell who is really knowledgeable and who is throwing about lies?

Let’s start with some classic warning signs of the SEO ‘car salesmen’. If you read or hear these comments from anyone, run far, far away.

  • Unsolicited emails from SEO consultants. Quality SEO consultants have people come to them – through search – so they don’t reach out to website owners via email. We’re not going to randomly review your website and give you free advice.
  • “I know the experts at Google by name”. No one, except for the really well known and long-term SEO experts, know and speak with the employees of Google.
  • “I can guarantee you top ranking (#1 position) on Google”. Nope, they really can’t. And this is because only part of your website’s SEO is controlled by the SEO consultant. A number one ranking also depends on what SEO your competition has as well as many other factors. You can work really hard to get to page one and rank at the top, but no one can definitively say they can get you there.
  • “I know the algorithms”. Nope, you really don’t. As SEO consultants, we can only make assumptions and educated guesses based on quality information and some good old-fashioned trial and error.
  • “All you need are more links”. Link building is only one part of the picture.
  • “You won’t have to write any content”. SEO requires a consistent flow of high quality content that’s based on specific topics and optimized for SEO best practices. Without content, there is nothing to rank in search.
  • “You can’t do SEO yourself”. Wrong! DIY SEO is possible, but it requires education. We always aim to educate you so that you can perform your own SEO, if you so choose. Why? Because we’re not terrible people.

We’re so passionate about SEO and truly believe in the goodness it can offer. Come in for a consultation and find out why we’re not like any other SEO consultant in the area.

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