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How To Get Google to Notice You In 3 Steps

With the continual growth of online marketing, it seems almost impossible to keep up the battle of getting Google to put you on the first-page search results. It goes without saying that the effort required is endless. You can’t ease up because the second you do, someone takes your place. With the growing demand and competition, paid ads are almost a necessity but don’t underestimate the power of organic SEO. In the same manner, you can’t just sit idle while your paid ads to the work for you. With proper organic SEO, your paid ads can be at a minimum. To win at organic SEO, you need to pay attention to Google’s algorithms and what they want to see.

content is king

Content is King, how many times do we have to say it? (P.S. we can keep saying it as long as we need to, you can read more here). Back to the fact; Google likes good content because good content satisfies the needs of its searchers. If your content continually satisfies those needs, search engines will reward you by recommending your online profiles that contain said content to the searchers; therefore keeping you on the first page of Google.

Create content that supports your good, service and/or cause. Create a knowledge base that supports your marketing goals. Research what your target market needs and satisfy those needs with supporting content.


Google loves reviews because internet users love reviews. With online buying outranking in-store purchases and intense review evaluation before deciding to move forward with a company; legitimate reviews are of tremendous value to a search engine. The more reviews, the higher your rankings.

Google reviews, Facebook page reviews and recommendations, and testimonials are all beneficial to your rankings. Don’t hesitate to ask your loyal customers, happy clients, honorable employees or fellow acquaintances to leave a review.

social media

Social Media isn’t going anywhere. More than half of internet users have one or more social account that they use more than once a day, every day! Social Media creates communities, connections and referrals. The more your social profiles are shared and engaged, the more Google picks up on that activity. It’s not uncommon today to see a Facebook page placed on the first page of Google over a website if the content, keywords and followers are so great that it fits the search results.

Understand the keywords and topics that you want to be found for and create your posts around them. Create meaningful post material with conforming #hashtags. Share captivating imagery and videos that correspond with the content of value. Link back to your website with useful information worth reading. Encourage your followers and employees to actively engage and share your posts. This full-circle engagement will build your followers, strengthen your profile and boost more user-generated activity.


Leverage the knowledge you have and your trusted followers base to build your online reputation and support your desired ranking on the first page of Google.


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