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Improve Your Ranking By Blogging

Blogging is a tool that everyone should be taking advantage of. Whether it’s to share your daily thoughts and experiences or to support your business and services; it takes little effort to make a big impact on your online presence. With the ease of technology and when working with a great content management system like WordPress you can get the best of both worlds in terms of strengthening your online marketing efforts while building your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Blogging comes in many forms but the overall goal is to generate consist traffic flow back to your website in combination through your Social Media, Newsletters and other Online Medias.When helping our clients, we always focus on building a strong organic SEO base throughout the website. Strong organic SEO depends on many factors but keeping a focus on each individual page SEO settings, images, linking sites, Social Media and updated content through a blog can get them in the right direction.

When working with small business owners it’s important to establish your standings within the local community and searches. With the ability of tailoring your blog to support your local surroundings you can stand out among your competitors and stay at the top of the search engine local rankings.

A recent article I read on smallbusiness/ summarized it well by stating “For businesses that service local markets, they are a viable tactic to impact local SEO and nurture a local audience. Make sure you are getting the most out of your blog content by localizing it — use your local knowledge and expertise as a foundation of your content marketing strategy.”

Improve Your Ranking with Blogging | Web Strategies

Following these 8 simple tips can make the process that much easier:

1. Identify your local search queries, and make a plan
2. Associate your products/services with your locale in your posts
3. Leverage local events
4. Feature local subject matter experts beyond your business
5. Seasonal topics are viable local tactics
6. Participate in your community, and share your activities
7. Leverage your blog content via social media
8. It’s not all about SEO: Nurture your audience

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