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With the oceans worth of content, the internet has become a turbulent sea of viral videos, bacon GIFs, and cat memes. What if there was a way for your business, to be a guiding light online for not only your customers but your market as well?

If the problem is too much content to sift through, then the solution is being that trusted, learned friend who can steer customers and colleagues towards the necessary, enlightening, and hilarious, as opposed to suffering through content that is unwanted, monotonous, and downright boring. With every storm cloud there is a silver lining; You/your business can seize this opportunity by starting a blog!

Bryan Kramer’s Collector or Curator? Becoming a Social Connoisseur walks you through how sharing relevant, quality content with your community can raise your level of engagement and grow new relationships with consumers.

A favorite point from the Article:

It Speaks to Me – Simply put, what you read or see has to touch how you feel. For me, when someone writes really well and gives me something beyond some standard wordplay I save their blog to my RSS feed to see if they can do it again. If they pass the mustard, I start sharing their stuff. It’s not a one and done for me, they have the creative chops to keep giving their all. I can tell, and so can you.”

Creating a Blog can be simple when using the right tools. WordPress is one of the top ranked blogging platforms to use and we have the experience to help.
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