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Your Website and Facebook, The Ultimate Tag Team

Having a website just isn’t enough these days, and in reality, neither is just having a Facebook account. But what if there was a way to build your brand, engage customers, and grow your sales leads? Well, by using the world’s largest social network, Facebook, in tandem with your website, all this and more is possible.

By using Facebook you and potential customers have greater access to one another; this is where customer engagement turns into social engagement creating a greater bond between producer and consumer, thus creating brand loyalty.

When you couple this approach with having an active website (information is updated regularly, several blog posts a month, etc.) you can now link content to your Facebook allowing you to have greater visibility through searchable content (SEO tip of the day!).

There are many other platforms out there that, depending on your business, make sense. For example, a baker may not need a LinkedIn account, but an Instagram profile is necessary. It would make sense for critic/reviewer to have a twitter account, to engage on the go. Take a look at this info graphic below, and gauge where your social media efforts are needed most and for whom. Just remember all this is for naught, if there is no website for people to come home to


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