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LinkedIn Staying In The Game

LinkedIn Staying In The Game | Web Strategies | WinchesterJust read this article on LinkedIn and Found the facts to be interesting.

Social Media and Online Networking play a huge role in your overall branding, marketing and SEO efforts. Although there are new online profiles being created every day, we can’t forget about the ones that seem to be outlasting the latest trends. Facebook, reaching over 1 billion users, and Twitter, with over 200 million users, have continued to rise to the top. But, there are fast approaching social networking services like Pinterest and Instagram that amp up the competition to encourage change and growth. With the rise in new interests and a decline in the past year, LinkedIn seemed to be falling off the charts. However, recently LinkedIn has been standing their ground and making the necessary improvements to stay in the game. “ is now ranked No. 14 in the world and No. 10 in the United States for online traffic. These are stratospheric rankings that won’t just lead to more traffic, but increase brand recognition.”……Read More

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