Use Social Media To Win At Customer Service

If your audience is taking the time to interact with you via your online profiles then you need to return the courtesy. Engagement from followers is great! Don’t miss out because you aren’t replying to their comments. “The average response time for a brand to reply on social media to a user is 10 hours, while the average user will only wait 4 hours.”

Social Media is one of the most significant ways to maintain and/or improve customer service rankings. Customer service can be the make it or break it for any business. The actions needed are quite logical; interact with your followers, hear what they have to say, respond to their actions, appreciate the effort they are putting forth and be approachable.

Interact with your followers. Show them you are there and listening. Get involved, ask questions and show your genuine interest. Learn what your audience wants to see in your posts and follow through.

Hear what they have to say and respond to their actions. Answer their questions. Respond to their comments. Don’t let their actions go unnoticed. They’ve taken the time to write or share something because they care, let them know you care just as much.

Appreciate the effort they are putting forth. Their effort expands your market reach. Word of mouth goes a long way, if your followers are getting involved and talking about you, others will hear it. Show your appreciation by liking, commenting and responding to what they have shared.

Be approachable. Followers like to know that there are real people behind the scenes. Actively communicating and showing true emotion in your responses allows you to be relatable. Keep communication open. Build your response rating by responding to messages and comments in a timely manner. Don’t let them sit.

Exceptional customer service will keep your customers coming back. Interact, take the time, say thank you and build your customer service with the benefits of social media.


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