Why We Use WordPress as Our Primary Content Management System

Why we use WordPress as our primary Content Management System (CMS). “WordPress is a dynamic open-source content management system which is used to power millions of websites, web applications, and blogs. It currently powers more than 31% of the top 10 million websites on the Internet. WordPress’ usability, extensibility, and mature development community make it a popular and secure choice for websites of all sizes.”

It’s an adaptive content management system (CMS) with a variety of customizable options. WordPress has thousands of talented and dedicated developers, designers, and programmers behind it. Trusted updates and improvements are tested on a regular basis making it secure and ready for any change. WordPress houses themes suitable for any need from blogging forums and non-profits to service “brochure” sites and sales driving ECommerce platforms. Integrations like WooCommerce allows endless abilities to develop an ECommerce platform comparable to any online shopping network. However your site needs to grow and adapt, there are add-ons that can be implemented to enhance the functionality and usability. Yes, it started as a blogging platform but that certainly does not limit its functional abilities. Nonetheless, the blogging focus alone makes it optimal for the necessary updates to maintain search engine rankings.

WordPress is user-friendly for both frontend and backend users. As an open-source software, it can be used by anyone. Our websites are built with our clients in mind. We wanted a platform that would allow them to feel confident in making the necessary updates to their website on a daily basis. The WordPress interface is clean, self-explanatory, and easy to use allowing the most non-technical person to manage their website with ease. With usability in mind, most themes are designed with what the end-user is expecting. Clean lines, easy navigation, functional and visually appealing plugins allow you to design a beautiful and useful website.

It meets all the requirements. No matter the amount of changes Google tosses at us, SEO criteria, mobile requirements, social media features, etc. WordPress is continuously backing their platform with the appropriate sources and plugins to meet all the necessities in today’s standards. It’s an SEO powerhouse. Coded to be SEO-friendly “right out of the box,” developers and Search Engine Optimizers (like us!) can really fine-tune every aspect of SEO rather quickly with great plugins like Yoast SEO. It supports all media types from embedding YouTube videos to social sharing options, hundreds of galleries for showcasing images and document sharing. No matter the media need there is a source to display it appropriately.

Security is top notch. “The WordPress Security Team, in collaboration with the WordPress Core Leadership Team and backed by the WordPress global community, works to identify and resolve security issues in the core software available for distribution and installation at WordPress.org, as well as recommending and documenting security best practices for third-party plugin and theme authors. It’s made up of approximately 50 experts including lead developers and security researchers — about half are employees of Automattic (makers of WordPress.com, the earliest and largest WordPress hosting platform on the web), and a number work in the web security field. The team consults with well-known and trusted security researchers and hosting companies.”

Needless to say, we are full supporters of the quality websites built utilizing WordPress. If you have been considering a website redesign or need a brand new one, reach out to us. We can discuss your needs, break down our process and start with some recommendations. Don’t put it off, get started today!


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