Why Websites Choose WordPress

The best way to get started on-line, is by getting your business a website. But just like having a car, a home, fine china, or whatever you value, you need to take pride in your website: It needs to look nice, and be easy to navigate. Here at Web Strategies, our preferred platform is WordPress, for it’s flexibility, functionality, and ease of use.

When speaking of functionality, WordPress has one of the premier CMS (content management systems) in the world today. It’s this administrative feature that helps people find their way around their site to upload new text, video, menus, pictures, and more. New content, helps the site maintain its “freshness” and goes a long way towards making your sight look pretty and remain relevant; making for better search engine optimization.

Between the many different layouts, themes and plugins for WordPress, this helps your site not only look good, but improves functionality. When combined in the most appropriate manner for the purpose of your site, a great WordPress CMS let’s your visitors find their way around more efficiently. If your website is difficult to navigate, your consumer or potential consumer becomes frustrated, has a poor experience, and that reflects on the image of your business. Most of the time, this frustration results in them leaving your website altogether and choosing a competitor simply because their site was easier to accomplish the goal of their initial searches purpose.
Over 72.4 million websites, use WordPress to connect to people around the world, to enlighten, inspire, and improve quality of life. This includes CNN, Forbes, GM, UPS, as businesses that are currently using the system. For all the reasons above, why not check it out for yourself and see what you think? And when you’re ready for that next step remember, Web Strategies is here to help.


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