From Wix to WordPress: Converting Your Website

If your company has outgrown the website platform Wix, we recommend converting from Wix to WordPress. As stated by Elegant Themes in their blog titled “How to Convert Wix to WordPress: A Complete Guide to All Your Options, “Wix may not make it easy for users to export their data, but with a little work, it is possible.”
Here, we have provided you with the 3 ways you can convert your Wix website to WordPress:

  1. Manually, copying and pasting content from pages and posts
  2. Semi-automated, using plugins for some of the key steps
  3. Have us do it for you!

For more information on the first two steps, read Elegant Themes’ comprehensive blog here.
Make the switch today to get more freedom in terms of layout and design and better SEO! Contact us to find out how switching platforms could be beneficial for your business.

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