WordPress, The World’s Most Popular Online Content Management System

wordpressWordPress, the world’s most popular online content management system, (especially amongst those burning up the blogosphere) just celebrated their 10th anniversary this past May. Since it’s release in 2003, WordPress has won renown the world over for it’s ease of use, and vast amount of support through the open-source community.

We personally use WordPress for our online needs. If you’re contemplating building a new website, or starting a blog, we believe that WordPress should be that platform for you…

We aren’t the only ones who are jumping on the WordPress bandwagon. Internet personality Adam Yamada, the author of these great posts like, WP 10th Anniversary and State of the Word is also a fan of the capabilities of WordPess. He’s got some great facts to check out about who is using WordPress and why you should be too!

A Few Interesting Highlights:

  • “Roughly 20,000 people are making money from WordPress or their entire living. This includes designers, plugin developers, managers, third party software, etc.”
  • “Installation files for WordPress, from WordPress.org, were downloaded 44 million times in 2012, which is a few downloads every second of every minute during the day…”
  • WordPress.com runs over 66 million websites including some of the largest sites on the web. This includes CNN, NBC Sports, TED, TechCrunch, Forbes and many other major news and publishers that all run on WordPress VIP.”
  • “18.9% of the web now runs on the WordPress platform. This is a 2.2% increase from last year.”

Whether on a personal level or for business; We all have a voice and something to say. Why not start using yours today? WordPress & Web Strategies can help.

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