Back Up Your Files!

As a new year begins, most of our thoughts are of the future. resolutions, anticipation, and hope fill the air. The future seems a little brighter this time of year, and it seems as if nothing can dampen your spirits. Not even having to compile a list of last year’s expense reports.



Suddenly you see that infamous blue screen and your past transgressions suddenly rush back to the forefront of your thoughts; you didn’t back up your files. Instantly you are thrown into fits of despair and anger, and yet you know that all the blame rests with you. And just like that, your great expectations have shattered.

We’ve all been there at some time or another. Whether it’s all of our new music files, family photos, or last year’s taxes, we can all agree our digital data is valuable. Yet very few of us back it up as often as we should. Consider taking a few easy steps to ensure you have all your files in a safe and secure spot. Purchase a thumb drive or flash drive to store all your valuable information apart from you hard drive. There are FREE and secure online options like Internet cloud services, These are accounts that store your data on a server rather than on your hard drive so you can access it from any device that can access the internet, like Google Drive and Dropbox for example.

Please do yourself a favor and back up your files. It could save your entire year!

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