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The Importance of Cohesive Branding

A cohesive, well-designed brand can differentiate your business from competitors, build trust with your audience, and give them the right first impression. When you start designing your print materials, you may be left wondering how your digital branding should translate into print.
Just slapping your logo on everything is not enoughIf you want the sort of cohesive brand identity that sticks with customers and gives the right impression, you’ll look for ways to add consistency to your visual branding items.

Here are some of our branding tips:

Be Consistent with Your Color Palette. Your color palette should be consistent and complement (or match) the colors used in your logo. Although this may sound simple, it’s worth the money to consult with a professional designer who can provide you with a color scheme that will work well with websites and printed material and advise you on how to use it.
Don’t Go Font-Crazy. It might seem fun to choose a different font for each page or project, but it can come across as unprofessional. Choose a handful of fonts that are easy to read and work well for a variety of purposes, then use it consistently across all of your materials.
Use Custom Design Elements. Hire a graphic designer to customize buttons, icons, and other graphic elements that can be styled to complement your logo, color scheme and the general impression you are going for.
Have a Consistent Voice. Even if you’re doing all the writing yourself, you’ll want to be mindful that you use the same general tone and level of formality in all your writing. Choose a writing style that meshes well with the image you’d like to portray and the market you’d like to appeal to and then use it consistently.
Create Different Versions of Your Logo. You won’t always have the same size space for your logo, so make sure you’re prepared with a logo that has horizontal and vertical version and can be scaled to look good in a variety of sizes. Depending on the design, you might want a version that’s black and white, full color, or simplified.
Being as consistent as possible with the visual look of all your materials helps create a strong brand identity that won’t be forgotten.

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