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Print Marketing Statistics

While a combination of online and print marketing is best for any business or organization, we’d like to sum up our recent blog topics of print and graphic design with some interesting print marketing statistics.

“A recent Temple University study revealed that print marketing carries more emotional weight than digital ads.”

“According to, advertisers spent $167 per person on direct mail in 2015, and earned $2,095 — that’s a 1,255 percent return!”

“According to a recent survey by MarketingSherpa, 82 percent of internet users trust print ads when making a purchase decision — making them the most trusted form of advertising.”

“The act of physically engaging with a print marketing item, like menus or rack cards, has been shown to increase customer recall and information retention.”

“An InfoTrends survey found that 66% of direct mail is opened, 82% of that is read for a minute or more, and 62% of consumers who responded to direct mail in the past three months made a purchase. Other studies indicate that many of these purchases may be made online.”

“Millennials like to use direct mail to make purchase decisions. For example, 62% use retail advertising inserts to compare prices, 60% to clip coupons and 49% to make shopping lists.”

“44% of customers visit a brand’s website after receiving direct mail marketing.”

“56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing.”

“Direct mail brings in 78% of donations for nonprofits.”

“According to research cited by The Paper Worker, one-third of a consumer’s decision-making is based solely on product packaging.”

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