3 Key Print Materials to Help Promote Your Business

Print marketing can often get pushed to the side as we focus more on building our online presence. While online promoting should be a primary focus of any brand, in today’s market reach, we can’t let the quality of our hand to hand marketing materials plummet.

Do you still pull from the same pile of business cards you purchased in bulk years ago (that may or may not have handwritten cell number on them because it wasn’t added back then)? Are you trying to use up the last of those brochures even though they may have dated contact information or missing pertinent data? Do you piece together a quick flyer when having a promotion and, to top it off, make black and white copies to pass out to hopeful participants? Stop doing those things!

Just as your website or online marketing is the face and representation of your business via the web, print collateral is often the first “in-person” impression a potential client receives. Keep all your branding avenues consistent from online to print. Take pride in how you represent your business via appropriate marketing. And remember, presentation is everything. A well designed, cohesive marketing package is over 60% more impressionable than dated, pieced together parts. If you want your target audience to see that you put just as much quality effort into your business and services as you do your marketing materials, you need to ensure you have the staples.

From attending tradeshows to local promotion, print collateral plays a crucial role in proper marketing. There are 3 key print materials to help promote your business, from non-profits to retail to restaurants and professional services, any business should start here.

Business Cards

It’s a given (literally). “Here’s my business card” will forever be the essential line in any networking opportunity. Your business card is the simplest gesture to share relevant information with a hopeful contact. Your business card should both visually reflect your brand, while professionally presenting crucial information for contact and follow through.

Letterhead and Envelopes

No matter how much communication and transactions happen online there is always a need for snail mail correspondence at some point. When that time comes, be prepared with stationary that looks professional and polished. Give your receiver a sense of familiarity when they see your personalized mailing piece come in. Tailored stationary adds a grounding touch to your branding.


When we say the term “brochure” we aren’t just talking about the timeless “booklet” style that we tend to generalize the word to mean. Brochures, today, can be anything from a one-pager to a rack card to a multiple page booklet style. The sizing and style requirements are dependent upon the message and amount of information you wish to present to potential customers. These print materials are the items you leave with those you hope to gain as a client or customer. These materials are often the hand-outs your target audience receives to peak their interest in what you have to offer. Again, keeping consistency with your branding and messaging will guide the process along to determine what materials will be of most use. The important factor is you are utilizing the updated means our market has grown accustomed to and your materials professionally executed.

These are the minimal print marketing pieces to have on hand for any promoting need. Whatever the venture, well planned and designed print marketing builds a stronger marketing performance.

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