The First Step In Rebranding

When considering a rebrand, the first “fear” that often comes to mind is change. Because of that fear, most businesses avoid a sometimes necessary refresh for their brand and company. When is the right time for a company rebrand? When you realize your image and message might not match the growth and changes your company has developed over the years. Reaching this milestone is an achievement, signifying your longevity and success in your industry. A rebrand provides an opportunity for you to solidify your mission and vision for your company, to showcase your well-oiled process, and refresh your marketing efforts to stay on top of the competition. A rebrand can also help improve any hardships you may experience from being in business through the years such as a plateau in growth or a change in internal processes that need finalizing.

We understand that with time comes recognition and respect as the trusted business in your industry. With that history comes a comfort level of where your business has grown to be and how customers connect with your brand. With that comfort level comes a hesitation to change what we’ve come accustom to for fear of how our loyal customers will react. The key to making this a welcoming transition is careful planning and professional rollout out of the rebrand. Rebranding is a substantial step for your business and a multi-level effort to reach the end results.

The first step in rebranding is to recognize what aspects of your brand need an update.

Business Name

Maybe your business name still encompasses your company perfectly, in which case you can go forth and consider the next steps. However, if there’s something about it that just doesn’t make you feel proud to share it then consider the following. Has your business evolved into more than what your name initially described? Was the name you chose based on a trend or interest of the times and no longer resonates with you today? Have you merged your business by expanding or partnering and it’s time your name reflects that unification?

What to keep in mind: Don’t go with another trend just because it’s the “right now”. Don’t change your name entirely if it’s not necessary. Consider what elements are important to you and incorporate that in with the new name. Think timeless.


Do you love your logo? When it’s time for a new banner or marketing piece do you wish you could use alternate graphics or colors to take away focus from your logo? Do you not even have all the correct file types needed because it’s so dated and created in a platform no longer used? As a result, does your logo appear dated no matter the context it’s used in? Have you avoided using your logo with any new materials or renovations to your office space?

What to keep in mind: Get your logo professionally designed. This will ensure you have all the file types needed for your logo to be clear and crisp on all marketing from web to print. Take your time! Don’t rush this change, it’s significant and you’ll likely not do it again until you hit your next milestone so make sure you love what you see.


Do you currently have a tagline, a mission, a vision statement for your company? If you do and it simply doesn’t do you justice, then this needs to be included in the rebrand. Take this opportunity to sit back and look at your business as a whole. How far has it come, where has it grown, how has it changed from when you first opened your doors? Take a moment to reflect on the hard work you’ve put in to come this far and where you want it to go from here. Think long and hard about the words you are using which are intended to represent your entity.

What to keep in mind: Go with your heart, stay away from trends (unless that’s what your business relies on). Keep it short and sweet but descriptive enough that you feel confident in a potential customer reading that and understanding exactly what you are trying to say.


How dated are your marketing materials or online profiles? Your business cards, brochures, website, online listings, social media….all play a significant part in your branding image. If the platforms you are using and the messages you’re sending are dated and don’t represent your present-day vision then it’s time for a refresh. Review your marketing as an outsider, does it portray who you are today as a company? Does it represent your messaging in a clear manner? Do you hate the visual appeal? If you are saying yes to any of these then your marketing will significantly benefit from the rebranding process.

What to keep in mind: Don’t start your marketing refresh until you’ve successfully completed any necessary rebranding with your business name and/or logo and messaging. You need to solidify your image before you can begin to know where you want to take your marketing.

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