Why Use a Local Graphic Designer Versus an Online Service

As a small, local business we pride ourselves on the care and support we put into every project and every client. As we often say “we are here to help”, we truly mean it. It’s not just a 24/7 call-in service with more frustrating wait times and unemotional support from the other end. Depending on your level of needs and expectation of how that’s executed, we can help you decide why using a local graphic designer is a better route than going with an online service.

Quality of service

Using a local designer gives you the one on one time you deserve. You are not just another project in the queue. You are the next project on their primary list of to-dos, every day. No time slipping by without hearing from someone, no wondering what stage the design process is in, no not seeing the end product until it’s completed then paying more to change it. Working with a team like ours is like working with your own internal team. We get to know your business, your goals and the purpose of your design needs. We get to know your personality and how to handle your needs to the level of support you require. It’s a collaborative effort. We develop a vested interest in the outcome of your project as it’s a direct reflection on the success of how we performed our services to your expectations.


No more wasting your time trying to research the best design route to go. What marketing materials should you design, what colors, format, graphics, paper stock, what’s best for what I’m looking for and so on…. When taking the first step of using an online design service, you are immediately bombarded with all the finite decisions to make before you can even begin to let your creative ideas flow. You don’t get guidance or support on where to get started and the entire design process is dependent on you sitting down and getting it done.  As a local design expert, we take your time as seriously as you do. We make the most of our meetings and schedule as many as you see fit. We leave you with the confidence needed to allow you to focus on your daily to-dos, while we get started on the design process.

Imagine stopping by or having a quick call the second you have the time to go over the design…..no logging in, sending an email, waiting for the next customer service representative to get back to you and them missing them when they did!

Professional design that fits your branding

Let’s face it, if you loved design you would have made a career of it. Or maybe you do love design, but don’t have the time or tools to create what you need. Working, hands-on, with a local designer allows you to take the lead role in the design process, without the worry, resulting in your carefully crafted concepts formatted in a professional manner. Your marketing collateral can make or break your branding image. There’s a significant difference in follow-through rates depending on DIY designs or big box “templated” design and a piece that was professionally planned and implemented. Using an online service will typically lead you down two paths; 1. An industry standard template that prevents you from standing out or incorporating your unique branding. 2. Leaving your ideas in the hands of an unknown person, waiting for the proofs of what they thought you would want, not liking the first round but wondering if it’s worth the time to make changes or settle for what you got.

In the end, no one knows your vision like you do but, you will have a much higher success rate at getting the branded marketing you want and need while working with a local professional who takes the time you deserve.

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