How to Optimize Your Online Presence

Your online presence consists of all online identities created to support your business or brand and the activity that flows through each one. What’s the point of “getting online” if you aren’t making the right moves? It’s not just about slapping up a website and creating a social platform that you post to here and there, sitting back and watching the traffic roll in. You have to strategize and appropriately optimize the online platforms that make sense for your marketing goals. Don’t rush and have patience, if you’ve built a quality website base and online profiles and put the effort required into maintaining them, it will pay off.

Let’s look at how to optimize your online presence.

Update your website. If your site isn’t optimized on all fronts Google won’t even bother.

  • Use a solid, updated platform
  • Make sure your site is fully mobile responsive
  • Follow organic search engine optimization practices
  • Use proper hosting and security measures
  • Provide valuable and consistent content updates

Take advantage of all that Google has to offer. Google offers free tools to help optimize your online presence helping you increase your market reach.

  • Create a Google My Business Account
  • Connect Google Analytics to measure website traffic
  • Encourage Google reviews
  • Stay up to date on Google news and best practices

Get social. Social media is a huge benefactor towards your rankings. Social searches are often the first choice for all online searches. Missing the right social platform can mean missing your target marketing.

  • Understand your marketing goals and create a strategy
  • Create the right social platforms for your marketing goals
  • Stay active and maintain your accounts
  • Plan effective ad campaigns to increase your reach

Clean up any dated profiles or accounts. Don’t allow unused accounts to linger

  • Research your business, find accounts you weren’t aware you had
  • Take ownership of any you wish to claim and refresh
  • Delete any accounts you forgot you created and don’t maintain

Don’t underestimate the power of visuals. Images and videos are big factors in Google’s algorithms. Marketing tactics are largely focused on visual appeal. The more your visuals are viewed, the better you’ll rank.


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