Email is Gaining Popularity with Our Younger Generation

As marketing professionals, we’ve always been strong supporters of the power of email. A successfully run email campaign can help you reach your target audience and marketing goals. Maintain continued communication with your customers and clients with brand representation and clear messaging. Websites, social media and other online marketing are still great tools, powerful and necessary means of building your online reputation. But, we can’t forget email. Email has withstood the test of time, it hasn’t fallen by the wayside and when done correctly, it doesn’t get lost in the mix. What can make or break a successful email campaign is the context, branding, and professional backbone of your email platform?  A popular consensus might assume email marketing is a dying breed however, it’s quite the opposite. Email is gaining popularity with our younger generation.

As shared by Marketing Charts, “email is a core form of communication among America’s youth, who generally expect to use email more in the future than they are now, per survey results [download page] from SendGrid and Egg Strategy. In fact, almost half (48%) of Gen Z respondents (ages 13-21) believe their email usage will increase in the coming years. That makes members of Gen Z more apt to see an increase in email usage in their future than both Millennials and Gen Xers. Half of Gen Z respondents and a slight majority (52%) of Millennials (22-34) report that their email use has already increased over the past few years. Gen Xers (35%) are less likely to claim an increase in their use of email, but equally unlikely to report a decrease (just 21%).”

Don’t let the focus of increasing rates among the younger generation deter you if your target demographic is middle age to senior level citizens. This population continues to support receiving emails from trusted companies. What your focus should be is creating an email that will stand out among your competitors. What will make your email more attractive than the others they receive every day? Make email marketing a more prominent to-do on your 2018 marketing checklist. Determine your marketing goals and target market. Research your audience and what encourages them to make that click and follow through. Work with a professional to create a campaign plan that will see out your advertising expectations and help guide your audience down the path of optimal follow through.

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