Why You Shouldn’t Use No-Reply Emails

There are few things more frustrating than trying to reach a real person at a company and finding no means of communication available! This is one reason why you shouldn’t use no-reply emails. If the respond email is a “no-reply” then you are forcing your audience to waste their valuable time to find the email they can use. If that’s the case you are going to have a higher rate of disgruntlement comments when they do finally reach and likely a few less customers after the fact. For a successful email campaign you need to make the content relevant, add personal touches, and create assurance with your viewers that the email is actually coming from you. Let them know you are here for them, that they can respond with any of their questions or needs. AND imagine this….when they do respond to your email, you actually get it and reply back?! How nice does that concept work? In today’s age of automated convenience we still appreciate the human interaction when it’s needed.

If you are taking the time to create an Enewsletter, the information must be important enough that you want to reach your customers. Most of the time the primary goal is to generate leads back to your business, create interest towards the services and/or products you have to offer. If that Email campaign is successful in generating the buzz with your intended audience then why wouldn’t you want them to have ease in reaching out to you by any means possible? Seeing a “no-reply” email address can quickly turn them away and forget about reaching out to you all together. Giving them the impression that you are too busy isn’t the way to go. You might as well lead your email with the subject line of “if you are truly interested in following through with the good stuff we’ve put in here, don’t bother because we aren’t going to get your response or look at your reply email or bother to service you in any way!”

Another thing to keep in mind is a no-reply email address will have a higher tendency to go into the spam folder. So forget about angry feedback or the potential follow through, they might not even be getting it in the first place.

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