Start Your Branding Off Right

Start your branding off right. You’ve established your business plan, now it’s time to make it a success. Get your brand out there, with the right message and in front of the right audience. You can’t piece together the vision for your business and hope that it all flows together in due time. The key is consistency. Let’s walk through the primary steps to creating your branding plan. These steps will help you stay consistent with your message and appearance.

What message do you want to portray?

This should have been where it all started, the whole reason you created a business. What is your business all about, what is the culture of your company? Think of your mission statement. What promises are you making to your clients and/or consumers? Remember that and showcase it throughout your branding imagery and messaging. Do a market analysis to determine trends and audience patterns.


This is a crucial step in your branding process and should not be taken lightly. Your logo is the face of your business. It’s the representation that will allow your audience to create a visual reminder, a connection to your product or service. Brainstorm your ideas. Work with a talented graphics designer that can create a logo that represents everything you want it to. Don’t settle for a “simple” design because you think it’s not that important. Don’t under estimate the judgment that can come from first impressions. A logo is often the first thing someone sees about your business. If it’s not a healthy representation it can create a negative aversion.

Create an Online Presence

Think of your audience, how can you effectively reach out to them? Start with a website. Your website should be the hub of your branding. Work with a professional to design a user friendly site that enhances your branding image. Keep consistency in imagery, colors, and graphics used to successfully tie in your logo and message.

Incorporate the right social media profiles. Once you’ve created the right social media accounts, follow the same “look” you’ve created on your website. Ensure consistent branding throughout all medias to enhance the visual connection for your followers on all fronts.

Print Collateral

Don’t forget about your print marketing. What materials make sense for your business? Whether business cards, brochures, magnets, flyers, rack cards, letterhead, or promotional items, you need to keep consistency with the design. Just because print is apart from your online platforms, and possible reaches different audiences, doesn’t leave it open for it’s own interpretation of your business. Your brand is your brand no matter the avenue. Keep in mind that all marketing efforts from online to print lead to the same places, therefore should have the same goal in mind. That goal should be to creatively showcase your brand in a clear and concise manner that represents your business and the professionalism behind it. Work with the same team that helped with your logo design to see through your print materials. That team should have a strong understanding of your messaging goals and can assist with the proper print materials that will work for you.

Finally, maintenance

Don’t put all your effort into establishing a strong brand representation through print and online then let it go stagnate. Maintain your efforts and keep your messing going strong. Continue to communicate with your audience through social networks, blogging, and print marketing. Keep your brand fresh and make updates when needed. Whether just starting out or ready for a refresh you should consult a professional for branding assistance. Allow us to help bring our vision to life. Feel good about what you created and don’t be afraid to consult help to see it through.


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