Why Non-Profits Need to Invest in their Website

Non-profits often focus on the tasks at hand, of course with their top priority being the goal of raising funds for their organization to operate on. An important factor that gets overlooked and should be a priority is proper marketing both online and in print. How can you expect your non-profit to prosper, to gain members, supporters, or donations needed to bring your goals to fruition if your marketing avenues are at the top of their game? How can you “convince” potential donators, volunteers and members of your passion for the purpose with a lack in the marketing efforts put towards showcasing your it? Put just as much passion behind the branding as you did to create the organization.

With non-profits expanding in recent years, “competition” (so to say) is stronger than ever to gain acknowledgment for your organization. Relying solely on phone calls and mailings to engage donors and raise money is a thing of the past. Non-profits need to invest more in online marketing tactics and website usage. In today’s world of endless marketing, it’s crucial to create relatability and emotion to draw followers to your non-profit over the next. Using visual and content marketing to create an online presence representative of your branding and mission is brought to life through a well-designed website. “Many people are on the internet every single day, encountering new sites, the latest designs, and application updates. The world of web design is constantly moving and no organization can afford to stand still. Younger generations especially have little patience for slow or poorly maintained websites. One survey found that millennials’ top pet peeves on nonprofit websites are interfaces that are not mobile-friendly, those with missing information, and the inability to find the information they want quickly and easily. This means potential donors, volunteers, and advocates are walking away when you could be luring them in.”

Stated well by Ironpaper.com, here’s what an optimized website can do for your nonprofit:

  1. Broaden your reach. In order for your organization to receive donations and fulfill its mission, it needs to be widely known. A strong online presence is a cost-effective and efficient way to create that awareness.
  2. Engage new and existing donors. The better your website, the easier it will be to inspire people to give money, attend events, and support your organization.
  3. Expand your database of potential donors. An optimized website will capture your visitors’ information and create a database of people interested in your cause. This will come in handy when it’s time to request donations and fill seats for an event.
  4. Build a relationship with potential advocates and volunteers. Websites play a key role in promoting your organization and cause beyond peer-to-peer referrals. Nonprofit websites are perfect tools for social sharing and brand discovery–allowing your nonprofit access to potential advocates and volunteers.
  5. Build a case for on-going, monthly donations. Your website can help tell your story in a visual, contextual and emotional way–helping to win the hearts and minds of potential donors and supporters. Websites can also be used to explain the impact of recurring, monthly gifts. Try up-selling one time donors into a more committed monthly recurring donation, while outlining to positive impact their monthly gift will have. Provide stories, media and data to build a more powerful narrative–all within your website.

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