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Web Strategies Presentation: Inspiring Sherando High School Students

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to present about Web Strategies to a group of students in Sherando High School’s web design class. We sent Emily and Faye to the school first thing in the morning. We put together a presentation highlighting our services, team, and the process of building a website. 

Emily presented on two different days for different sections of the class. The teacher Mrs. Veach passed out a questionnaire for the students that asked them what they learned and one question to ask at the end. The class consisted of mostly guys, but there was one girl in the second section. 

As we got started, we got different reactions from the students. Some really didn’t care we were there (fair enough), some checked their phones, and some paid attention to what we were sharing. 

When we got to the end, we showed them some examples of our work and our cute 404 page which seemed to be a hit. During the question time, the students spared no question. We got questions like: “How do you keep a consistent revenue source if you only do websites?” and also, “How much money do you make?” The best question we thought was “What has kept you here at WebStrategies? Why wouldn’t you go somewhere else?” We explained the benefits of having a great office atmosphere and flexibility in schedule that we wouldn’t necessarily get in a corporate environment.

After the questions had been answered we turned the class back over to the teacher and said our goodbyes! We really had a fun time and we hope the students did as well. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll turn into developers themselves!

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