Ways To Give Your Website Some Personality

Websites can be boring sometimes, right? We get in, find what we need, we get out. But they don’t have to be. When was the last time you were on a website, and it was fun and engaging while also being a resource for you? I’m a firm believer that all websites can have some flavor to them. Here are some ways to give your website some personality.

Add a face!

No, literally, add a face to your website. People tend to be more favorable to friendly-looking faces. I think this is particularly important on the team page because your clients can easily put a face to a name, and it increases that sense of familiarity with your brand right off the bat. Placing faces on your home page is a close second. Consider showing a team member helping a customer or performing an action in some way.

Add a layer of interactivity to some of your content

A great way to add some engagement to your pages is to make your content more interactive. If you have multiple offices, maybe an interactive map. If you have a rich history, perhaps an interactive timeline. Even an action as simple as a hover effect for small blurbs or icons can be fun. Ensure that whatever interactivity you add doesn’t distract from the content or make it more challenging to digest but adds to it somehow.

Add a fun 404 page!

404 pages are so much fun, and I make a point to have them be enjoyable for the user. Sometimes just a fun image or a custom 404 saying is just the perfect touch of flair. For example, on our website, we took the 404 page to another level of fun and interactivity! Plus, who doesn’t love BB-8? Check it out!

Oops error page with hot air balloon

As you can see, there are many different ways to give your website some personality. Why settle for something ordinary when you could make your website a great place to hang out and explore? Someone might find another service or product they need!

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