Things You Can Do In The New Year To Set Yourself Up For Success

I’m a very organized person by nature, but I realize that’s not everyone’s main go-to. I tend to find if I give myself structure, rules, or guidelines, I tend to get more done and am more satisfied with my work quality. Today I’ll break down things you can do in the new year to set yourself up for success. I take these points with me through life in whatever I’m doing. I’ve found more satisfaction in my day-to-day.

1. Make a list

I’m sure you’ve heard advice from people who say to write down what you hope to accomplish, and while I don’t necessarily do this for big picture items, I do find that it helps me. Lists can be big, small, detailed, or big picture. The point is that the list helps you see your goals. For me, I find that small, manageable lists help me get through the day. I set my items with things that are manageable, and I also include items that I normally may do in my day anyway, like sort through my inbox. It helps me feel like I have accomplished something, and I am satisfied when I cross that item off.

2. Know the power of 1 minute

Did you know you can get a lot done in one minute? I find myself with pockets of random time in my schedule, five minutes here, 2 minutes there. Something as simple as tidying or folding a blanket gets the room looking neater and takes hardly any time. At your desk and have a minute before a meeting? Look at your downloads folder, see what you can trash, or grab some stray papers and file them. Sometimes the goal is not even to complete a task fully, just to get yourself started or make the task more manageable later on.

3. Schedule your breaks

Everyone needs breaks! And food! Allow yourself time to rest throughout the day; you’ll feel better and be more productive if you do. Set yourself a time limit that feels reasonable to YOU. Everyone will feel satisfied with different amounts of break time. Have some flexibility in your schedule? Come in early and get some items off your plate so you can take an extra break in the afternoon. The goal is to get up at the end of the break and be ready to keep tackling your list.

4. If there’s something you know you want to make time for, schedule it into your routine

I know if I try to say I’ll do something but my day is already packed, I rarely do it. Instead of saying, oh yeah, I need to do that, schedule a time with yourself each day to do it, and then nothing else gets to compete with it. Take the time to put it on your personal calendar with a reminder every day if you find you are forgetting it!

I could go on and on about these sorts of things, but hopefully, this helps give you some things you can do in the new year to set yourself up for success! Always know that even if you don’t get to anything or you fall short in any way that it’s perfectly normal and acceptable. You are not any less of a person. We’re all striving to be better versions of ourselves. Tackle your resolutions with some determination and grit, and get to that list!

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