Potential Pitfalls in your Project

In the life of a website redesign, there are many moving pieces, some pieces that we provide and some that you provide. To keep to our proposed budget and timeline, we need to keep all of the parts on track. Here are some things that will help you prepare for a successful project and where to watch out for potential pitfalls in your project.

1. Not being upfront from the beginning

It’s extremely crucial to be clear about every piece of functionality that you want on the site. How you expect it to perform, if there are any specific details about the interaction with the user, or if you need it to send out specific emails. If you have a particular vision for your site’s detail, it’s best to let us know ahead of time to ensure we are: one, accurately quoting the project, and two, letting you know if any of those issues will be an issue implementing. Bringing up any of these details in the middle of your project could negatively affect your budget and your timeline.

2. Not delivering your content according to the timeline

After kicking off the project, we give you a timeline that explains our deliverable dates and your deliverable dates. One of those items is content delivery. If you are rewriting content or providing images, it’s important to receive those items on time so that we can ensure there is enough time to build your website! If you anticipate not having all of your content ready by then, it’s completely ok to send what’s been completed and let us know when the rest of it will be ready. We’ll let you know if your delay will impact the timeline. 

3. Having too many cooks in the kitchen

While we work with companies of all sizes, it can be common for many people to jump in and offer their opinion on a project. While all the feedback is helpful, it can also be confusing if several members are in disagreement about the direction of the website or give conflicting edits. Having one point of contact on a team that gathers all feedback internally and relays it to us in a concise document is helpful and more efficient in getting all the edits completed. This way, we don’t make edits to the same section twice, eating up budget and time on everyone’s end. 

If you watch out for these three potential pitfalls in your project, you’ll have a much smoother process, making everything easier for both of us. In the end, you’ll have a great looking website that looks and functions how you envisioned it would.

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