The Dumpster Fire That Was 2020

For fun, I re-visited my “year-in-review” post from 2019, and in retrospect, I would have welcomed the year’s dullness. It’s a challenge to even discuss any issues in 2020 that didn’t affect the entire world. Between COVID-19 and a presidential election – there was a lot to think about. And there were a lot of challenges that affected everyone a little differently.

It’s hard to know how to answer when colleagues, clients, and friends ask, “How is your business doing?”  On the one hand, you want to be sensitive to everyone’s possible situation. But, you also don’t want to fib. The truth is, we are very, very fortunate. Due to our business’s nature, when COVID-19 became a reality, we decided to work remotely on March 13th and were back up and running from home by March 16th. Other than discontinuing to meet face-to-face, the transition was pretty seamless, and our team bounced right back to work. This was not the case for many of our clients and friends.

We’ve seen many clients struggle, and sadly a few went out of business. We’ve helped others adjust their business processes to offer more online options, curbside pick-up, and delivery services. We’ve stepped up and supported the marketing efforts of nonprofits to help them stay afloat. While 2020 brought a continual sense of uncertainty and worry, I have to believe that it also brought out the best in many people. And I have to think that 2020 taught us how to be resilient, patient, and work together.

I want to send a personal thanks to our clients, colleagues, family, and friends for hanging with us as the world changed minute-to-minute. I want to express my heartfelt love and admiration to our team who roll with the punches every day.

Unfortunately, when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, everything won’t magically go back to normal. But, I believe that 2021 will bring a renewed sense of possibilities and continue to bring us closer together (both spiritually AND spatially.) Today I raise a glass to 2021 – may it bring us all prosperity and normalcy.

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