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If you follow us on social media (if not, come find us!), you know that we spent the first week of August celebrating Simplify Your Life week. We shared some of our favorite tips and tools for simplifying our lives and increasing productivity. Here are a few things we do daily to make life a little easier.

Emily – “My productivity tool is very simple but it’s what helps me the most: a simple notepad and a good pen. Write things down, make lists, make multiple lists if you need to. Making lists and crossing things off not only frees your mind from remembering something but also gives you a sense of accomplishment when things are done.”

Keri – “By far my favorite app that I can’t live without is Paste for Mac. It gives me an unlimited amount of copy and paste storage that I can search, organize, and save copied content permanently to folders that can be pasted at any time. I can edit anything I have copied before it’s pasted and paste a set of items in a specific order across multiple apps and sync to multiple devices.”

Rachael – “My brain is one that needs my home to be in order to be able to relax, but I really hate cleaning. One day when my house was totally clean (a miracle), I decided to adopt the 10-minute rule. Every day I choose a room that I’ll spend 10 minutes cleaning. Sometimes it doesn’t take that long so I choose another room and clean until the 10 minutes are up. It keeps things under control and translates into my job, too. Instead of putting off a task, I don’t want to do until the last minute, I work on it in 10-minute chunks. Oftentimes that’s all I need to push through and do more.”

We hope these tips will help you find the things that help simplify your life! Come find us on Instagram and Facebook for all things web design, marketing, and for behind-the-scenes looks at our team!

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