Repurposing Existing Content

You spend a lot of time creating content for your blog and social media posts. Don’t think it has to be a one and done once you’ve shared it.

That content is still valuable and can be used multiple times in different formats. While your efforts don’t go unnoticed by the search engines and will continue to enhance your rankings, it may have gotten lost in the daily mix of content flow and viewers could have missed that days post. Remind your audience of the information you’ve shared and peak their interest again by repurposing the newsworthy items. What are some ways to reuse existing content? shared some of the best ways to repurpose existing content:

  • Use tools like Canva to turn quotes from your blog posts into shareable social media images
  • Use the best quotes from your blog posts as text updates for your social media profiles
  • Turn a blog post filled with data into an infographic
  • Turn a blog post into a short social media video
  • Cross-post the same updates, but change the wording/optimize them to fit that particular social network
  • Use older social media and blog images as backgrounds for new images
  • Re-share the same content at different times and with different text updates


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