Rebranding with a Website Redesign

If the comparison of your site to newer, updated websites is notable in differences from visuals to functionality, it’s time for a redesign. Gone are the days of flashy, over cluttered designs with too many areas of focus drawing your attention away from what’s important. Now is the time for the ageless advice of “less is more”. Creating simplistic, streamlined designs that are pleasing to the eye and allow attention to be drawn to the right call to actions. We need to think clean, clear, crisp, user-friendly, mobile responsive.

As we cover the topic of rebranding, your website redesign should be a priority on the list. If your business is ready for a rebrand, your website is likely due for some reformatting as well. Whether in need of a complete overhaul or just simple refresh to reflect the rebranding efforts, it’s important to assess all aspects of your website to determine the best follow through and outcome of your redesign.

Although a primary focus for any rebranding effort is typically the visual representation, we need to ensure our print and online efforts follow suit with the recent changes. Rebranding with a website redesign requires time to analyze your site, look beyond the logo and color reflections and determine if your website needs to embark on the redesign journey.

  • Does your website look dated?
  • Is it hard to navigate?
  • Does your site theme and colors match your current branding?
  • Is the content on your site up to date and relevant?
  • Is your site mobile responsive?
  • Are the images dated?

Take a look at this helpful infographic to give your site a thorough once-over:

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