4 Reasons Why You’re Not Showing Up On Google

Why isn’t my site popping up on the first page of Google?! The frustration is real and for many businesses, it’s a big time stressor. Worrying about “SEO” and how to get recognized by the search engines doesn’t have to be so hard. We cover this topic a lot because it’s a major aspect in building your online presence and there are endless tips, tricks, advice, and recommendations that we can provide as to why you are ranking the way you are. An important aspect is understanding what goes into maintaining organic SEO and Google’s algorithms for determining how your site will rank. Equally as important is doing the research on your industry and target market to successfully execute appropriate SEO. The reasons for the ranking position will vary depending on the business type, whether just launching a new site or carrying on an existing one, market reach and so much more. With the varying degree of differences, there are common factors that contribute to the overall ranking algorithms and they can be broken down into 4 basic groups.

To avoid the overwhelming feeling of where to even start, you can begin with these 4 reasons why you’re not showing up on Google.


Your site is not mobile responsive

“63% of Americans access the mobile web each day, and that number is on the rise.” If you are using a dated content management system that isn’t properly maintained or updated on a regular basis you will rank lower on the search engines. You need to ensure your site accommodates the “popular demand”. Users want a secure, trustworthy, resourceful site that works correctly no matter the device they are searching on.

You don’t have adequate SEO settings

Create quality content that is relevant to your business and what you have to offer. We can’t say it enough, “content is king”. Google wants to see content that satisfies what the searchers are looking for. If your site has minimal descriptions or explanations of your products or services, therefore, lacking strong keyword density, it simply won’t rank as well. Create a realistic and pertinent keyword list that will benefit your business. Avoid generic or common terms that will be heavily competitive, reducing your chances of a higher organic ranking. Think about what your users are typing in to find your business. Incorporate those specific keyword phrases throughout your content to increase your chances of Google placing you over the next.

If you have already built up your content, are you utilizing meta tags, SEO titles, permalinks, and keyword saturation? Check back in on your content, pages and links throughout your site. Make sure the content you’ve created is still applicable, that your links are still active, your images are quality and you don’t have any unknown errors that pop up when clicking through.

You’re not utilizing off-site resources

Have you set up appropriate off-site links for local SEO focus such as Google My Business? Check into backlinking and get your site on other noteworthy sites that will refer traffic back to yours. If you are producing quality content on a regular basis you have a higher chance of notable websites and users sharing your information. The goal is always to generate new and returning traffic back to your site. Perform regular research on directories or industry related sites that would be beneficial to have your site listed on. Follow through with potential connections to build your backlinking opportunities.

Get social. Create the right social media profiles for your business. Maintain them and take an active role in the daily happenings. Ensure you’ve properly linked your social accounts to your website to get that cross-promotion flowing on all ends.

Check your insights and metrics. Utilize Google Analytics and social media insights.

Your Competitor’s putting forth more effort

Perform a competitor analysis. What are they doing that you aren’t? How are they managing their social media accounts, are they blogging, running paid ads, regularly maintaining their site? Compare your efforts to those you need to compete with. Stay one step ahead in your online marketing to ensure a higher ranking. Earn those referrals and clickthroughs. Don’t allow your online presence to become stagnate or Google will quickly skip to the next business.

Something to keep in mind. You may have all the latest and greatest and are following all the rules but there’s still this “old” website that isn’t doing anything and continues to outrank you and you can’t figure out why!? “Google gives well-established sites with considerable domain age preference in search rankings over newer domains.” It takes time and effort on your behalf to show Google you are worth being at the top of the list.

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