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How to re-use content across multiple platforms

In this day and age of unending steam of content, it can be easy to feel like you’re falling behind trying to keep up with posting to multiple platforms. Creating content can feel like a time-suck stuck in an infinite loop especially when there’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, newsletters, and blogging on top of that. Not only can we re-use content across these platforms to make things easier, but we can automate some processes and take care of several tasks at the same time.

Your primary objective should first be to write that blog post. This is usually long-form content and can really help you gather your thoughts and ideas in one place. If you’re not blogging, you should be; it’s one of the best ways to organically help your SEO. The second part of writing the blog is to make sure you have a social sharing plugin installed that allows you to share your post, this is what’s going to make things easier for you to share off to social media. If you don’t have one installed, you can still go through these steps, or just hit us up and let us install one for you. 

After your blog post is written, you can start sharing your blog post to other social channels. Sharing that post to Facebook is really easy. Share the blog post, you can follow that post up later in the week with something surrounding that same theme or an additional tidbit that wasn’t included in the original post.

Instagram and Pinterest can be a little trickier sometimes if your business is not particularly visual. A popular option is to create a post with an image or graphic that helps drive home your point. Share that post to your stories on Instagram and make sure to use the link sticker to link directly to your original blog post. Infographics in a carousel or a long vertical image for Pinterest are also a great way to re-use that blog content in a meaningful and visual way.

Sharing to LinkedIn is now really easy as well. You can share this directly from your blog post. Providing great resources on your profile can definitely help you and possibly help others. Add some text to your posting when you share that gives that audience some context or a reason to continue reading. 

If you want to go the extra mile, produce some video content and publish it on Instagram, Youtube, or even TikTok. Use your blog as a content outline and film yourself putting it to action. A lot of users now will prefer watching a video over reading an article and you can always link the original blog post in your video description for additional reading.

Creating your content pillars with a blog first will help you set the tone and plan for the rest of your social media rollout for the week. Remember that you don’t have to think of original ideas for every platform. Pick a theme and roll it out throughout the week. No need to reinvent the wheel. Use the platforms that work best for your workflow and clientele. If you ever need extra hands on deck pushing out content for any platform, we are here and can help you as much or as little as needed. 

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