Your Marketing Guide to Spring Cleaning!

It is the time of year when flowers begin to bloom, the days get longer, and people everywhere are returning to the outdoors. Everyone turns to those spring cleaning mantras and starts getting ready for another summer season. Those of us who spend our days at the office have more of a digital footprint to look to when it comes to spring cleaning. Let’s walk through a few ways you can tidy up your marketing and your website, too.

  1. Newsletter templates
    Templates are a notorious item that can get cluttered quickly if left unchecked. If you’re using a service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, you might have templates sitting in a folder that are old or no longer used. Remove the ones that are no longer being used or outdated. 
  2. Spam Form Entries
    If you have a contact form on your website, you might have a spam collection of some kind to catch flagged entries that look suspicious. Go to your form entries on your website and look for a tab with the label “Spam”. Sift through the entries to see if any look like they could have been added to that folder in error and then delete the rest. 
  3. Unused Media Files
    Images can take up a lot of storage on your site over the years. Do your website a favor and go through and remove images you are 100% certain are not on your site. I advise this with the utmost caution. Some images that look blank may be serving a purpose somewhere. However, sometimes pages that are no longer being used may have images that can be removed. While you’re in the media library, add some alt text to the images that are staying to improve your SEO.
  4. Your email!
    Everyone does better with a fresh start and a clean slate to work with. Carve out some time and go through that inbox bit by bit. We all have an overloaded junk folder that can just get emptied. You’ll feel more accomplished and have a better handle on business and tasks moving forward. 

Making time for some spring cleaning with your marketing materials and website is a good investment of your time. It can ultimately help you increase productivity in the future and make processes more efficient going forward. Not to mention, just a good practice overall. Websites need general maintenance and these things are simple for anyone to do. If you need an extra hand or want help improving your marketing for the new year, drop us a line, we’re here to help!

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