Why Your Hashtags #Suck! And How To Fix Them..

Using the right hashtags in your social media marketingUsing the right hashtags in your social media marketing can make a world of difference when it comes to getting your products or services in front of your target audience. The problem is, you’re most likely using them incorrectly.

Kevin Lee, digital marketer/copywriter suggests: STOP COMPETING WITH POPULAR HASHTAGS. “When you’re searching for certain hashtags, what do you see first? The FIRST 9 top posts and then everyone and their mother’s posts right below. Meaning, the top 9 posts receives the most visibility compared to everyone else.”

So what does it take to get your post into the top 9? To find out, search for the hashtag you want to rank for and look at the 9th post. See what kind of likes, views, and comments it has, as well as the age of the post. These are all factors in ranking for hashtags.

It can also be advantageous to mix hashtags in terms of popularity. For instance, have one popular hashtag which describes your post with two which aren’t as popular. This helps to find hashtags that you can realistically compete with using the engagement you have at the moment.

Check out three core hashtag strategies that can be used strategically for all social sites, not just twitter!

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