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Hallmark Plastic Surgery Website Launch

When Dr. Paul Lambert from Hallmark Plastic Surgery approached us about redesigning his website, we knew that it would be a great transformation. The old site contained a lot of information but it wasn’t presented in a way that helped the reader. His goals included wanting to present his services in a clearer way and bring the site into a format that felt current and modern.


The first thing we did was pare down the information currently on the site into digestible bits that contained key words. We really wanted the reader to easily find information and see services at a glance. The extra information that was removed from the site can easily be turned into blogs at a later date.

The new site also features updated pictures of Dr. Lambert and his staff that help the customer feel at ease when deciding about potential plastic surgery. There are also easily accessible forms for pre and post operation so that clients can find and print documentation at home.

New Design

We made the site look and feel current and fresh while also staying true to the original branding of blue and gold. There are lots of curves and rounded edges coupled with thin, minimalistic headlines, which exudes a sleek and clean feel.

Hallmark Plastic Surgery was a wonderful client to work with and we are excited for them to use their new site as we move into the maintenance phase of their site. We encourage you to check out the website at!

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