Content Marketing Trends

With the year coming to a close, we wanted to take a look at the many content marketing trends that evolved in 2014. Content Marketing in 2014:key trends and examples asked several marketers about key trends they saw in content marketing. Below we discussed a few of those key points they saw in 2014’s content marketing.

Using video is becoming a popular trend among brands and businesses. Creating well-produced videos allows the user to quickly access the message. It is also visually compelling to the users compared to a blog post or status update.

Along with video, Content is now being created that is more humorous and emotional. Brands and businesses are taking a less or more serious tone in their messages to the audience. This allows the user to see a personal side of a brand or business and to retain the message the brand wants to express.

Finally, businesses and brands understand the importance of being tablet and mobile-friendly. Users are replacing their laptops and desktops with phones and tablets. Having material that is mobile friendly provides confidence that the message is being delivered and the user can easily access it.

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